A place for the young ones during Church -- a special service just for them! The teachers and children are dismissed from the Sunday morning worship service about 20 minutes into the service. They travel to the Children’s area that is downstairs in the Chapel Building. Generally two teachers are with the children. We use Group’s quarterly “Hands-On Bible Curriculum.” Each month focuses on one subject and one Bible verse. For an example in one quarter the first month might focus on Ruth and the verse, “As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15b. The second month would focus on Elijah along with the appropriate verse and the third month of the quarter would focus on the story of Jonah and the verse appropriate for that story. During children’s church, the children receive a snack. Parents, please pick up your children from the Children’s Area (downstairs in the Chapel Building) immediately after the worship service. At First Baptist Church of Grand Blanc, we offer Children’s Church on Sunday mornings during the main service for those four years of age and up.